Pet Magazine Publisher in Nottingham


Here at Matspet we offer an insight into all types of pets and pet care. 

We look into the lives of birds, fish, reptiles, insects and other animals. 

In fact, if it's any sort of pet we will try to give you a good insight into how to look after it. 

It is amazing how many different types of insect's people keep and remember pets are worldwide not just in your country. 

We also put large pictures of the different types of pets so you can get a good look at them from the tiny ant, to the giant horse. 

Our magazines are published online once a month starting from March. 

The first edition being at a giveaway price of just 1 pound and only rising to 2.50 per magazine with 1 year's magazines at only 20 pounds. 

Our article in the future may contain an article written by you or another pet lover. 

And because we do not want to leave the younger person out, we also have a pet puzzle magazine priced at 1 pound which will keep them amused for hours. 

So we ask you kindly to peruse our magazine and please look at the web site and if you have any questions please send it through the web site.  

Even though we're truly living in the age of the Internet, there's still nothing that can quite compare to the feel of a real, honest-to-goodness magazine. At Mat's Pets, we strive to publish nothing but the finest publications in a wide variety of themes. Our Nottingham-based magazine publishing company has read through reams of hot topic articles – some a treat, some not quite as nice – to bring you the highest quality pieces from emerging and established content writers alike. While larger publishing houses are often hamstrung by their size, our agility allows us to adapt to our readership as it grows. If you'd like to discuss our range of magazines and articles or submit a piece of your own, please get in touch with us on +441158371362.

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What We Publish

What We Publish

While our magazines can serve as a good guide to the sort of material we prefer to publish, it's no secret that our eyes are carefully trained to look for articles.

Publish Strategy

Publish Strategy

Our publications are carefully planned and scheduled so that your ads get to the readers in the right place and at the right time.